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Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) for CY 2024

The proposed CY 2024 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) was released on July 13, 2023. The PFS contains policy changes proposed by CMS. Many have been anticipating these proposed rules due to certain temporary telehealth policies currently slated to end this year. The proposed 2024 PFS does provide some clarity around how CMS will address several telehealth policy issues in Medicare for next year, but not all. This video will cover the proposed 2024 PFS changes to telehealth policy in the Medicare program.  View the PPT Here.


DEA Proposed Regulations Post-PHE

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has published two proposed regulations to address how telehealth may be used to prescribe controlled substances in a post-PHE environment. The DEA is proposing new exceptions that along with what is already in current law, will open up more ways for telehealth to be used to prescribe a controlled substance, but they are highly specific. At this point, these are only proposed rules, but the deadline to submit public comment is quickly approaching.  View the PPT here.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Licensure & Telehealth

This video addresses the most frequently asked questions CCHP receives regarding licensure and telehealth for example: (1) What does the law says if your patient is going on vacation to another state, but still needs your services? (2) Do you really need a license in another state if you’re just consulting with a provider who is already licensed in that state? (3) ….and many more!  View the PPT for this video here.