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Before You Say “Aye” to AI…

In April 2024, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) released the document, “Navigating the Responsible and Ethical Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into Clinical Practice.”  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been ramping up as a hot topic in policy the past few years as federal and state policymakers grapple with how best to address this area on a regulatory basis.  The recently released FSMB document is a result of a recommendation made by the task force FSMB convened which was intended to monitor AI developments.  As a result, FSMB adopted this document to provide physicians and state medical boards with guidance on how to navigate AI in practices in a “responsible and ethical incorporation” manner.


Federal Telehealth Waivers To Be Extended Two More Years, CMS’s Latest Telehealth Rule, and AMA’s RPM Code Review

CCHP’s May Newsletter is here! This month’s topics include – Two-Year Extension of Medicare Telehealth Flexibilities; Exploring Telehealth and Medicare Advantage: Insights from CMS’s Latest Final Rule; AMA CPT Editorial Panel Considers Modifying RPM Codes in Significant Ways; CMS Provides Telehealth Guidance for Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs); Latest Policy Developments in CCHP’s Telehealth Policy Finder and Policy Trends Map; Joint Commission Sets New Telehealth Standards Amid Industry Certification Wave; CCHP Releases FQHC Factsheet & Alert of End of FQHC Section in CCHP Telehealth Policy Finder; Analyzing Trends and Impacts of E-Visit Billing in Medicare. 

Fact Sheet

Telehealth Policies & Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) Fact Sheet, Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 Edition of the findings within CCHP’s Policy Finder summarizes the updated information and examples of policy trends for Spring 2024. The focus on Medicaid policies pertaining to FQHCs is driven by the intricate criteria and requirements in which FQHCs must adhere. The FQHC category aims to capture this information in a consolidated way to help FQHCs navigate telehealth Medicaid policy across the United States. All State Medicaid manuals, administrative codes, and manuals for fee-for-service policies were reviewed between late January and early April 2024.


New Research Showcases Telehealth’s Ability to Improve Care Quality, alongside Modest Increases in Utilization & Spending

A new study published in Health Affairs assesses the impact of telehealth health system use on Medicare utilization, spending, and quality. The focus of the findings on Medicare patients and data from 2019-2022 shows the impact of temporary federal telehealth policy expansions that were implemented in 2020 at the beginning of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) and are currently extended until December 31, 2024. Overall, the research found that health systems with higher telemedicine use had greater medication adherence rates and fewer emergency department visits, with a 2.2 percent increase in outpatient visits and a 1.6 percent increase in spending.