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Telemedicine Holds Potential to Help Climate Change

MobiHealth News is shining the light on a much-overlooked benefit of telemedicine: how it can help curb greenhouse gas emissions and thus help in the fight against climate change.  The recent article highlights that the United States healthcare industry is a big contributor to carbon emissions, and although telemedicine doesn’t solve the problem, its increased use does lead the industry in the right direction.  This has been proven in two research studies conducted on this very subject.


RPM Programs Benefit Women’s Health and Reduce Hospital Readmissions

In recent months several remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs have found best practices and benefits related to utilization of this particular telehealth modality. Tracking this data has become even more important moving forward, as policymakers evaluate the future of telehealth policy and push for more study around the quality of care provided via telehealth.