CCHP offers rigorous policy analyses and research reports to promote broad, informed telehealth adoption and education. 

CCHP’s reputation as a national, non-partisan resource for telehealth policy issues is due to thorough, unbiased analyses and reports. From policy tracking and analyses to expert research projects and articles, CCHP’s work strives to advance telehealth policy that will transform health and health care for the better.

CCHP produces Fact Sheets & Infographs, Publications, Reports, Research Catalogues and Policy Briefs that are: 

  • Unbiased CCHP does not represent any political party or private interest in telehealth. This independence earns CCHP trust from diverse interests to advance the best use of telehealth-delivered care.

  • Thorough CCHP’s policy tracking covers the federal and all state levels, and all policy recommendations include exhaustive supporting evidence and sources.

  • Reputed CCHP is known nationwide for its knowledgeable staff and prompt, thorough assistance. This reputation has helped CCHP successfully build coalitions, bipartisan collaborations, and sector-wide forums to address the toughest challenges in telehealth policy.

  • Relevant Integrated telehealth use has potential to address physician shortage issues, access challenges for medically underserved communities, and the Triple Aim goals of the Affordable Care Act.

  • PracticalCost analyses, pilot projects, and sector-wide research scans provide essential evidence for policymakers and other decision makers in health care.