WEBINAR: Need Help Implementing Telehealth? Demystifying Barriers to Telehealth

November 28, 2017
12:00 pm PST

While nearly all health centers have reported the use of electronic health records, only 38 percent are utilizing some type of telehealth technology, most notably to provide mental health services. Despite significant research that telehealth is as effective as in person visits, there are still many barriers to its use, including the lack of consistent visit reimbursement, technology costs, broadband availability, and resistance to changes to workflow. 

  • Learn about rates and types of healthcare services where telehealth is being used at FQHCs
  • Learn how HRSA funded telehealth resource centers provide telehealth technical assistance
  • Know how to access new resources available to health centers through the Telehealth Resource Centers
  • Learn about  policy and reimbursement issues impacting health center telehealth services

This webinar will discuss the current state of telehealth use by health centers and the barriers to implementation and use. We will introduce participants to the national and regional Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) and provide information about how to access the resources and technical assistance provided by the TRCs.  For more information, or to register for this webinar, visit the Health Information and Technology, Evaluation and Quality (HITEQ) website.

For more information on the TRCs, please visit: www.telehealthresourcecenter.org