National Telehealth Policy Resource Center

CCHP monitors both state and federal legislation, identifies barriers to telehealth use, and provides policy technical assistance to the regional telehealth resource centers and state and federal policymakers. 

As the federally designated National Telehealth Policy Resource Center (NTRCP), CCHP provides policy technical assistance, legislative tracking, and policy analyses to twelve regional telehealth policy resource centers (TRCs) nationwide. 

Along with the National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center (TTAC), CCHP and the twelve regional TRCs comprise the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers. This consortium works to assist health care professionals and organizations with operating cost-effective telehealth programs for medically underserved communities in their regions.   

National Center of Expertise

In addition to acting as the NTRCP, the Center for Connected Health Policy serves as an independent national resource on telehealth policy issues. To advance sound state and federal telehealth policies, CCHP engages key decision makers through policy briefs, educational reports, and multi-sector coalitions and forums. The project materials available through this project are accessible for public use. As the national telehealth policy resource center CCHP offers technical assistance to those who would like to learn more about telehealth policies nationally and in specific states across the nation.

There are two tiers of assistance available from CCHP:

  • Tier 1: Call or email any time to learn more about the program and discuss the telehealth policy landscape.
  • Tier 2: Each client receives up to 10 hours of free technical assistance per year.
***For additional assistance beyond Tier 2: A client may wish to inquire about engaging CCHP for consultative services.

The National Telehealth Policy Resource Center is funded by Grant #G22RH30365 from the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, Health Resources and Services Administration in the US Department of Health and Human Services.