MS Rule: Board of Medical Licensure - Practice of Medicine

Title: Practice of Medicine

Citation: Part 2635

Agency: Board of Medical Licensure

Summary: Amends MS policy regarding out of state physicians, eliminating the exception that when evaluation, treatment and or/medicine by a physician outside of MS is requested by a physician licensed in MS, and that physician has already established a doctor/physician relationship with the patient, that a MS license is not required by the out of state provider.  Adds that the interpretation of clinical laboratory studies as well as pathology and histopathology studies performed by physicians without Mississippi licensure is not the practice of telemedicine provided a Mississippi licensed physician is responsible for accepting, rejecting, or modifying the interpretation. The Mississippi licensed physician must maintain exclusive control over any subsequent therapy or additional diagnostics.

Status: ​8/15/17: Adopted Rule Correction

Effective: 9/14/17

Professional Board Regulation
2017 Approved Leg./Reg.