CA Rule: Health Benefit Exchange - 2016 Qualified Health Plan Recertification/New Entrant

Title: 2016 Qualified Health Plan Recertification/New Entrant

Citation: Title 10 CCR Sec. 6428, 6430

Agency: Health Benefit Exchange

Summary: Establishes the process and requirements for eligible health issuers in the individual and SHOP exchanges to submit proposed qualified health plans (QHP) for recertification and for new health issuer entrants who are eligible and elect to propose QHPs for the Plan Year 2016. Among the application questions, it asks health issuers strategies they use to implement or intend to implement to promote access and care coordination through the use of telemedicine (among other things).

Status: 2/5/15 Notice of Approval of Emergency Regulatory Action

Effective: 2/5/15

Expires: 2/5/17

2015 Approved Leg./Reg.